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Each person holds a vision of their dream home, and every housing aspiration is distinct. This is why we specialize in tailoring interiors to perfectly suit you and your lifestyle. We provide ingenious and aesthetic solutions that make no room for compromises—only space crafted exclusively for you

At LHM Interiør, our team possesses an unparalleled passion for delivering exceptional interiors. With a seasoned team leveraging premium raw materials, cutting-edge software, and a streamlined production process, we merge refined craftsmanship with advanced painting techniques. This fusion defines our products, setting a distinctive standard and infusing each creation with an exquisite personal flair.

Beauty comes from within

Exceptional interior design, customized surfaces, distinctive qualities, and a meticulous aesthetic expression transform each room into an experience—a daily rendezvous with something extraordinary. A room is a bit like the people who use it. It’s where most of life’s moments unfold, nestled within its walls.


If you choose LHM Interiør as your comprehensive interior solution provider, rest assured that you’ll receive a bespoke delivery of exceptional quality and aesthetics. Crafted from premium materials and compliant with the latest building regulations, our offerings are tailored to meet your exact needs.

LHM Group

Twenty years ago, LHM built its very first mountain home in the Norwegian wilderness. Fast forward through 700 projects, and our core values remain unchanged: creating spacious, luxurious, and uniquely designed key finished mountain homes with an exceptional standard of quality, paying close attention to every detail and craft.


Now, LHM Group is known worldwide for its luxury mountain homes, blending Norway’s classic log cabin style with modern comfort and elegance, high quality custom-made furniture and exclusive design bespoke stairs.


LHM Interiør, established in 2013, boasts significant expertise in crafting, producing, and installing tailored furniture for a variety of settings in holiday homes, cabins, offices, and public spaces. Our adept team comprises skilled project managers, designers, and craftsmen deeply committed to the art of genuine craftsmanship, ensuring exceptional finishes at every phase of production.


LHM Step, specializes in crafting bespoke, tailor-made stairs. LHM is the result of a long-term, interdisciplinary collaboration with a focus on quality at all levels. LHM Step is passionate about delivering stairs of the highest quality.


LHM Interiør, a Lithuanian company registered in Norway, operates from its headquarters in Lithuania while our project managers frequently operate in Norway and another countries. Following an initial discussion to understand your desires and requirements, we enthusiastically offer complimentary on-site inspections at your residence or cottage. Our flexibility enables us to accommodate visits at short notice, ensuring your convenience.


LHM Interiør

Vyturio str.1, Kausenai, Plunge, 90100, Lithuania

Company code: 303235323



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