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We possess significant expertise in supplying bespoke, high-quality furniture and comprehensive interior solutions for project-based endeavors. We welcome partnerships with interior designers, architects, housing developers, contractors, and other stakeholders engaged in residential or recreational property construction or refurbishment.

Choosing LHM Interiør means selecting a dependable partner. We’re accustomed to collaborating with seasoned professionals who prioritize exacting standards in quality, pricing, and timely delivery. Our commitment includes providing valuable guidance to ensure your projects receive bespoke, top-quality furniture and innovative interior solutions. We assure the entirety of our delivery maintains a superior level of professional quality.

Are you interior designer or architect?

We aim for a mutually beneficial, enduring partnerships

LHM Interiør excels in crafting bespoke, high-quality furniture for your projects. Moreover, we actively seek collaboration with interior designers capable of offering comprehensive interior solutions for our projects.

Reliable partner

We specialize in creating bespoke furniture and furnishings, ensuring seamless integration and customization that harmoniously aligns with your home's design. Explore our projects.

Professional supplier of high-quality furniture and services

We collaborate closely with you to bring your project vision to life. Whether from design sketches or actual photographs, our team excels in producing furniture with remarkable precision and equivalent to visualization.

  • Our products: Hard and soft furniture, kitchen and bathroom fittings, white goods, household appliances, worktops, washbasins/sinks, mixer taps, etc.
  • Our servises: Drawings, production, delivery and assembly of bespoke furniture
  • Delivery: 6-8 weeks after order confirmation
  • Guaranty: 5 years

Are you a property developer or contractor?

LHM Interiør offers comprehensive interior solutions for your turnkey residential projects.

We aim for close collaboration with property developers and contractors in need of a reliable supplier for interior solutions across diverse home spaces.

Reliable partner for comprehensive interior solutions

Choosing LHM Interiør ensures a customized comprehensive package, blending superior quality and aesthetics, crafted from premium materials and in full compliance with current building standards. Dealing with a single supplier, we undertake complete accountability for the entire process—from planning through delivery to meticulous assembly.

  • Our servises: interior design and visualizations, production, delivery and assembly of bespoke furniture including styling and complete interior solutions.
  • Our products: customized hard and soft furniture, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, appliances, countertops, sinks, faucets, bedroom and wardrobe solutions, comprehensive lighting options, carpets, plants, artwork, styling elements, textiles, tableware, glassware, cutlery, and more.
  • Discounts: possibility of a progressive discount system, where the discount increases with larger volumes.

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We are open for a discussion about potential collaboration. Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation. Send us email.