Tailor-made furniture for unique interior solutions

We produce high quality custom made furniture for living homes and public premises. Precision in every single detail produced to fit you and your personal needs.

We are dedicated to delivering quality and ensuring exceptional finishes at every level, meticulously focusing on even the smallest details. Our expertise lies in crafting custom interior solutions for various spaces within your home, cottage, or office – whether it’s enhancing entrance halls, creating smart storage solutions, or designing complete bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas.
Due to our stringent quality standards, we can only fulfill orders for complete room furnishings at this time. Unfortunately, we currently lack the capacity to deliver individual furniture items, except for kitchen cabinetry.

Quality is not just a word

At LHM, superior quality stands as the cornerstone of our work. It permeates our choice of materials, craftsmanship, and attention to crucial details, all fused with extensive expertise and specialized knowledge. We craft exceptional solutions, where high quality is not just a benchmark; it’s where we begin and finish.


If you purchase an interior solution from LHM Interiør, rest assured that every detail has been meticulously considered, leaving nothing to chance. We prioritize exceptional quality and top-tier customer service throughout the entire process of our deliveries.

Tailoring - as unique as you

We do not believe in module-based solutions. An interior design must be adapted to the people who live in it. Our skilled cabinetmakers and designers find exactly what you want – or perhaps didn’t even know you wanted.


We customize everything to ensure seamless integration of kitchen and bathroom fittings, tailored perfectly to complement the home’s design. This approach maximizes space utilization and eliminates unsightly gaps. Additionally, we offer similar customization for beds, wardrobes, and other furniture pieces. Everything is possible with us.

Products in different materials

We don’t limit ourselves to crafting furniture solely in wood; we explore the entire spectrum. Your imagination is the only boundary to what we can create for you—whether it’s textile, glass, stone, metal, or any other material. A beautiful and vibrant interior combines various materials, and crowns it all with unique, smart and specially adapted details. With professional knowledge and materials of the highest quality, everything is possible.


All our furniture and interior solutions stem from a meticulous selection of materials. We exclusively utilize the finest raw materials sourced from well-known suppliers, ensuring the highest quality in our craftsmanship. We firmly believe in the deliberate choice of superior materials, rejecting any reliance on chance.

How to order

We have a simple and flexible process