Fittings and equipment

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, we are dedicated to continual improvement, exploring new solutions in furniture construction, fittings, accessories, and materials.

Beyond excellent client service, our commitment extends to actively participating in European exhibitions, maintaining strong supplier relations, and integrating cutting-edge technologies into our processes. Our mission is clear: to offer our clients the best in every aspect of furniture creation.


We use Blum fittings for all our furniture. This is a brand known for its high quality and many design options.  All hinges used for doors have a soft-close damping system, which comes in two colors; plain chrome and black “Onyx” for dark furniture.

Usually we offer several options for drawers and runners:

  • Blum Movento. The drawer comes in the same material as used in the furniture frame, for example in LMDP Egger laminate or oak veneer.
  • Blum Legrabox. A high-quality drawer with metal on the sides (mostly used for kitchen furniture). More information you can find here:  Blum Legrabox drawers.
  • Blum Legrabox special. New design of Blum’s metal drawers available in four finishes; black matt, black patterned, rusted metal finish and stainless steel finish.

The drawer runners in the Movento series are also available with exclusive Evabox wooden drawers with finger joints – this is a luxury product with a very stylish and natural finish.  Explore Evabox here: Evabox solutions.

Drawers | Blum Movento

Sinks, washbasins, taps

We works closely with a number of high quality equipment suppliers:

  • FRANKE. Widely used for kitchen sinks and mixer taps. The company offers quality products at good prices.  Explore products here: FRANKE
  • Tapwell. A brand known for its high quality that offers products in a higher price range. Explore products here: Tapwel
  • Schock. German brand offering high-quality granite composite sinks. Explore products here: Schock
  • AXA Ceramica. Italian brand with great designs of ceramic washbasins for bathrooms. Explore products here: AXA Ceramica
  • Dornbracht. A world-renowned brand that we mainly use for sinks and mixer taps in bathrooms and kitchens. They also supply complete shower systems with associated styling products such as pegs, soap dispensers, toilet brushes etc. Explore products here: Dornbracht
  • LX Hausys. Moulded bespoke stone composite sinks in HI-MACS materials. Explore products here: LX Housys
  • Real stone sinks.  Sinks made from real stone, where every single sink is unique.

*We do not do plumbing. All sinks, basins and mixer taps must be connected by a professional.

Unique design stone sink


We can offer wide range of solutions for cabinetry handles

  • T-knob handles
  • Long handles
  • Push-open (push to open without a handle)
  • Flush handles
  • Recessed handles
  • Profile handles
  • Unrebated profile handles
Long black metal handles for tall cabinets, push open for drawers

LED lighting

You can choose from several LED lighting options for furniture

  • LED strip under wall cabinets, which can be connected to the wall socket or controlled by sensor.
  • LED lights in drawers or behind doors, which are activated by sensor when they are opened.
  • Horizontal LED strip in display cabinets, placed at the top or under each shelf (not suitable for glass shelves).
  • Vertical LED strip in display cabinets, placed on both sides.
  • LED spotlight in display cabinets.

Most common LED lighting colors

  • Warm white – 3000 K
  • Special, warmer than standard warm white – 2700 K
  • Natural white – 4000 K

All our LED lighting comes with a transformer, but does not include switches or other parts for smart home systems. We do not perform electrical work. All electrical installations must be carried out by professionals.

LED light strip under cabinets

Equipment storage solutions

High quality solutions for modern and convenient outdoor activity equipment storage made in Germany

  • Bicycle storage
  • Ski storage
  • Clothes and shoes dryers

More information about products you can read here: PAROLI SOLUTIONS

Ski storage room | Furniture with integrated storage and drying solutions

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