We select the finest materials to bring your vision to life. From the timeless beauty of natural oak and pine panels, versatility of LMDP or veneered panels, to stone solutions - our commitment to quality is visible every piece we create and produce.

Materials for cabinetry

  • LMDP Egger is a high-quality laminated panels that is widely used in furniture production due to its wide range of patterns and colors. It is a strong material that comes at a competitive price. Even when the customer wants facades of natural wood, it’s common to use laminate on cabinet frames, drawers and shelves, which keeps the price lower compared to using solid wood or veneer. LMDP is also practical, as it doesn’t change color much over time and requires less maintenance compared to painted or oiled products.
  • Solid pine is a natural wood product that is more affordable than other wood species. However, we must remember that this is a soft wood that deforms and changes shape over time. This makes it less practical for kitchens, wardrobes and other intensively used furniture. Pine is commonly used for beds.
  • Solid oak is a natural hardwood material ideal for cabinetry – kitchens, wardrobes and is frequently used for furniture manufacture. Like all wood materials it can have different color shades and patterns and requires much more care and maintenance than LMDP boards. Although oak is a hardwood, it can also as pine, slightly deform over time, reacting to the changes of temperature and humidity of the premises, it can bend slightly.
  • Three-layer pine or oak – is made from natural wood, but by making the panels in three different layers, the material becomes much stronger than solid wood. Three-layer oak is very popular among those who like to have a natural wood at home, but want to avoid the material changing shape over time, as this material does not bend as easily as solid wood. Three-layer oak is one of the most expensive materials.
  • Oak veneer is the most common and affordable material for furniture. It is very popular because it looks like solid oak, but is much stronger and cheaper than solid wood or three-layer wood. Veneer is made from real wood, but this technology provides completely smooth surfaces and you can choose between different looks in terms of patterns, patina and color shades.  Since we use a slightly thicker veneer in production than normal, we have panels with lightly brushed surfaces that looks like solid wood.
Materials | Three-layer oak panels

Materials for cabinetry back panels

Different types of materials can be used for the back plates in the cabinet frames. Usually, it doesn’t matter which material you choose, as it is barely visible – only when the cabinets are open.

  • LHDF is the most common and most affordable material for cabinet frames. This is the best choice when LMPD Egger is used on the cabinet fronts. Then we match the colors of the fronts and carcasses with each other so that they have similar shades.
  • LMDP Egger is also used in the cabinet frames, in some cases. This is a rare option, usually only used when a stronger furniture construction is required.
  • HDF Oak veneer is mainly used when the entire piece of furniture is to be in natural wood or oak veneer.  This material is also necessary in the production of, for example, wardrobes that have glass doors with oak frames. In other words, when the inside of the furniture is visible at all times and the materials must be the same.
  • GMDF is a rare alternative that is only used when you want an identical color match on the cabinet fronts and frames, which is not possible to achieve via the color palette of the LHDF panels.
Materials | LMDP panels

Materials for worktops

  • LMDP Egger. A high-quality laminated worktop, which is our most affordable option. This worktop comes in a varied palette of different patterns and colors.
  • Glued oak panels. It is for those who like real wood materials and want a natural look. As with all wood materials, this worktop will change shape over time – due to changes in temperature and humidity, it may crack slightly or move. This worktop therefore requires more care and maintenance than our other worktops.
  • Stone. It is the most easy-care option, as well as the strongest material that does not move, bend or change color. The stone used comes mainly from Dekton, Caesarstone, Silestone and other quality suppliers. Here you have many pattern and colour options to choose from.

Read more about stone worktops here:

Silestone & Dekton


Materials | Vaneered oak kitchen, Dekton workplate, natural cedar table, metal legs

How to choose materials for your furniture?

When you want to prioritize an affordable option, this combination of materials can be used:

  • Frames – LMDP Egger
  • Facades – LMDP Egger
  • Back panels – LHDF
  • Worktop – LMDP Egger

When you want an affordable option, but prefer a finish in natural materials, this set of materials are the best option:

  • Frames – LMDP Egger
  • Facades – HDF oak veneer
  • Back panels  – LHDF
  • Worktop – stone or stave-glued oak

When you want furniture in only natural materials and price is not a major consideration, we offer these materials for your cabinetry:

  • Frames – oak veneer or three-layer oak
  • Facades – three-layer oak
  • Back panels – HDF oak veneer
  • Worktop – stone or stave-glued oak

We advice to avoid using solid pine for furniture, or solid oak for tall furniture. In cases where wooden cabinet fronts are used and some of the fronts have glass doors, the inside of the furniture should also be in the same material (e.g. HDF oak veneer).

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