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Discover the splendor of LHM Interiør design at mountain house 24L416

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This luxurious mountain house, curated by LHM Interiør in collaboration with 2amDesign, is a fusion of elegance, functionality, and tranquility. Every detail, from the cabinetry furniture to soft furnishings and decorative elements, has been meticulously selected and crafted to create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Custom-made furniture
  • Household appliances
  • Interior decor
  • Lighting solutions
  • Soft furniture
Project - Holiday homes
Client - Developer
Year - 2023
Interior design - 2amDesign
Bespoke furniture - LHM Interiør
Fitting - Blum
Top-plate - Dekton
Household appliances - Miele
Lighting solutions - Bomma

Kitchen & dining zone

In this luxurious mountain house, the open-plan living space seamlessly combines a kitchen-dining area and a living room, drawing special attention to the kitchen. The generously sized kitchen area, offering access to the terrace, exemplifies the fusion of modern luxury with traditional log house architecture. Tailor-made luxurious kitchen furniture, specifically crafted for this residence, not only graces the kitchen area but also defines the entirety of the ground floor’s open space.

The sleek, dark chocolate-colored smooth facades and the contemporary design of the sideboard, complete with glass doors and integrated LED lighting, harmonize effortlessly with the natural pine-paneled walls. However, the kitchen island, featuring an integrated dining table for nine, stands out as the most remarkable element of the space. The sturdy, dark chocolate-colored countertop, adorned with shimmering gold accents from the Dekton Laurent collection, underscores the exclusivity of the entire kitchen, drawing attention from every corner of the open space. Meanwhile, the island’s facades, boasting meticulously carved vertical grooves in natural oak, add a refined and distinctive touch for furniture.

This culinary haven, with an integrated dining zone hosting a table for nine, serves as the heart of family gatherings, while glass door display cabinets add a refined elegance.

Living rooms

The living areas within this mountain retreat are a testament to LHM Interiør commitment to excellence. Featuring soft furniture, custom-made elegant style coffee tables and lighting solutions carefully selected from exclusive Bomma lighting collections and provided by LHM Interiør, these spaces radiate comfort and style.

All items provided by LHM Interiør are designed to radiate both comfort and style.

The modern-design fireplace in the inviting living room serves as a cozy focal point for cherished family moments, while the additional cozy, stylishly decorated lounge area with comfortable sofa on the second floor offers a serene haven designed for relaxation and contemplation.

Lounge zone in second floor

Bedrooms & bathrooms

LHM Interiør expertise extends to each bedroom, with custom-crafted wardrobes, commodes, and unique log nightstands. The master bedroom, with its luxurious custom-made bed, spacious walk-in wardrobe, invites luxury and practicality, while the additional sleeping areas, wisely integrated in the corners of the walls and roofs and creatively decorated, cater perfectly to family vacations. The bathrooms, the epitome of rejuvenation, feature modern amenities, including a sauna and a jacuzzi in the yard, offering an indulgent retreat after a day of adventure. Bathroom furniture facades, made of natural oak with vertical grooves, echo the same design as kitchen furniture.

Tech room & utility space

Nestled within this refined mountain house is a thoughtfully designed tech room and utility space. Seamlessly combining functionality with convenience, this area hosts laundry equipment, ensuring practicality in maintaining the household. But it doesn’t end there—spacious wardrobes provide ample storage for seasonal gear, keeping everything organized and easily accessible. Cleverly integrated holders for ski equipment add to the efficiency, providing a dedicated spot to store and retrieve gear effortlessly.

From the stylishly appointed interiors to the indulgent amenities, Mountain House 24L416 epitomizes a harmonious blend of design sophistication and comfort. This exclusive retreat stands as a testament to LHM Interior’s dedication to creating spaces that inspire and elevate living experiences to unparalleled heights.

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