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Crafting extraordinary experiences: Luxury design in Svartskard, Kvitfjell

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Nestled atop the peaks of the Svartskard apartment complex in Kvitfjell, Norway, stands a project that embodies exclusivity. We, LHM Interiør, known for our craftsmanship in producing custom-made furniture and supplying exquisite interior elements, accepted this challenge to create a luxurious 3-bedroom holiday apartment, designed to harmonize with its exclusive setting right on the ski slope.
  • Custom-made
  • Household appliances
  • Interior decor
  • Lighting solutions
  • Soft furniture
Project - Holiday apartment
Client - Developer
Year - 2023
Interior design - 2amDesign
Bespoke furniture - LHM Interiør
Fitting - Blum
Top plate - Dekton
Household appliances - Miele
Soft furniture - Rolf Benz Germany
Beds - custom made Continental
Art - Egle's paintings
Lighting solutions - Bomma
Svartskard B24 | Living room

Main living room:
A symphony of elegance

With soaring 7.5-meter ceilings and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, the main living room is an architectural marvel. Veneered oak panels adorn the fireplace, seamlessly matching the kitchen’s aesthetics. Soft, subtle gray Rolf Benz sofas and sophisticated brown leather armchairs create an ambiance of luxury. Exclusive paintings by artist Egle, a result of a collaboration with 2AmDesign, adorn the walls, adding an artistic touch.

Svartskard B24 | Living room

A masterpiece of function and style

The kitchen, a culinary sanctuary meticulously crafted by our skilled craftsmen, was designed with keen attention to each detail and exudes a sophisticated combination of modernity and functionality. A contemporary design of furniture, where rich brown veneered radial oak facades harmonize with Dekton stone tabletops, creating an aura of refined elegance. Elegant open shelves in black matte metal and modern handles accentuate the contemporary allure. Seamlessly integrated Miele household appliances—refrigerator, oven, hob with an integrated hood, and the Temptech vinery—reflect precision and innovation. The dining zone with a beautiful custom-made dining table, an epitome of sophistication with natural oak and metal black legs, accommodating eight with ease, is a nice addition to an elegant kitchen. Exclusive Rolf Benz chairs adorn this centerpiece, ensuring comfort meets style. Yet, the crowning glory is the Bomma chandelier from the “Dark and Brown Star” collection, casting an ethereal glow and elevating this kitchen to a realm of unparalleled sophistication and artistry.

Svartskard B24 | Kitchen

Lounge room on the second floor:
Tranquil retreat with a view

Ascending to the lounge room, a panoramic view unfolds, accentuated by furniture from Rolf Benz and bespoke paintings by Egle. The calm coziness emanates from the carefully selected covers and pillows, creating a serene retreat.

Master bedroom and bathroom:
Embracing comfort and style

The master bedroom exudes opulence, with tailor-made Continental beds draped in luxurious Fossflakes bedding. Integrated wardrobes with soft-close systems and custom-made furniture by LHM Interiør amplify sophistication. Hangers custom-made by Armadini with the graved logo of Svartskard the sign of exclusivity, where each detail has great significance. The stylish bathroom, a sanctuary of relaxation, features every detail meticulously curated for comfort and elegance.

Masters bedroom

Svartskard B24 | Mastersbedroom with bathroom


From the cozy bunk bed crafted from veneered oak in the kids’ bedroom to the Continental double beds in the guest room adorned with Fossflakes bedding, each space exudes comfort, elegance, and bespoke design.

Svartskard B24 | Kids bedroom

Svartskard B24 | Guest bedroom

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