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Clinic reception transformed by LHM Interiør

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LHM Interiør embarked on a transformative journey in the clinic's reception, creating an essence of modern luxury. The space received a classic, yet iconic color palette – white and black – which became the backdrop for a sophisticated and modern design.
Project - Public Spaces
Client - Private
Year - 2023
Custom-Made Furniture - LHM Interiør
Walls - LHM Interiør
Clinic's reception.

The vision for modern luxury

In the pursuit of a modern and luxurious interior, LHM Interiør created a reception area that exudes pure aesthetics. The goal was to create visual grandeur through artistic and creative touches. The space was meant to be experienced as large and open.

Glossy surfaces and optical illusions

The placement of glossy surfaces acted as luminous reflectors and was a true stroke of genius. The play of light from these surfaces enhanced the room’s lighting, and ingeniously contributed to making the room feel larger. An architectural optical illusion that gave the room a sense of airiness and openness.

By delving into the nuances of design, very deliberate aesthetic choices were defined. White and glossy surfaces adorning the interior walls create a spatial illusion, while the dark gray and matte surfaces reduce reflections and add a sophisticated impression.

Fusion of design elements: Furniture and wall decor panels.

The artistry of LHM Interiør was at the center of this modern space that extended beyond the reception area. Wall decor panels produced by LHM Interiør added a distinct layer of exclusivity. These panels were made with precision and complemented the room’s atmosphere, while fitting perfectly with the overall design vision. In parallel, the furniture significantly contributed to the room’s overall impression. The furniture was produced with an extra eye for details that characterize LHM Interiør, embracing the same matte white and dark gray materials. Each piece effortlessly harmonized with the design narrative, elevating functionality to an art form. The custom-made wall decor panels and furniture designed by LHM Interiør became more than design elements. They stood as reflections of a nuanced approach to modern luxury, where every detail played a central role in designing a space that surpassed conventional boundaries.

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