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Embracing classic elegance: The timeless charm of LHM Interiør cabinets

by Vaida
The client's house became a symphony of classic elegance executed by LHM Interiør, woven together with elements in pristine white. The result gave the home an overall impression of timeless elegance.
  • Custom-made furniture
Project | Living homes
Private residence
Year | 2023
Custom-made Furniture | LHM Interiør

At the core of this exquisite interior stood the kitchen, a testament to classic style made by LHM Interiør. The meticulously produced MDF veneered oak fronts, adorned with delicate oak trims, exuded a discreet elegance. The integration of the narrow oak strip in the fronts added an exquisite touch, uniting the entire furniture ensemble and creating a cohesive, visually fascinating aesthetic.

Classic elegance at the heart of the home

The kitchen island is the centerpiece of the kitchen with a stunning white stone countertop that extends down to the floor on both sides, creating a stylish finish that elevates the entire room. The classic style furniture complements the exclusive household appliances and the retro-style faucet, creating a captivating blend of eras. This fusion created a truly unique atmosphere in the kitchen.

Craftsmanship in every detail

LHM Interiør craftsmanship extended beyond the kitchen and into the bedrooms with the production of custom-made wardrobes with sliding doors. In line with the theme, the narrow oak strip on the sliding doors created a continuity that united the entire interior of the house.

Every carefully designed cabinet, including custom-made wardrobes, completed the essence of timeless design and attention to detail – a testament to LHM Interiør commitment to unifying the house into a harmonious whole.

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